Thursday, June 26, 2014

Whistle blowers behind bars: Heroes!

Thanks to behind-the-bars whistle blowers, HFP is providing an exceptional service. But I'm not sure it's having the desired effect.

We are so proud of those inmates who leak the truth to us on a regular basis by email and letter. We have learned which ones are exaggerating, are telling self-serving stories, and are determined to smear the system. We have reputable people behind bars who are regularly disclosing serious problems in Michigan prisons, and we are sharing that information.

In recent months we have told about a mentally ill woman being hog-tied in the nude for hours, and being forced to sleep on a slab with no padding.

We are now receiving reports of another mentally ill woman who was denied food and water, and who was administered drugs even while still unconscious from the previous injection. Only then was she rushed to a hospital by ambulance on a ventilator.

From Michigan's Woodland Facility, which houses mentally ill men, come new reports of abuse and lack of appropriate care, and then cover-up moves by staff members.

The daily messages on the HFP network are not there to titillate the reader.

We don't put them out there to replicate the super-sensational tabloids.

We do this to inform an uninformed public. But more than that, we also expect results.

In almost every session where I make a presentation, people ask what they can do about these intolerable situations. Certainly we can pray for improvement, but we must do more than that. We must demand change.

If nothing else, as a state tax payer, here's why you should care. Michigan prisons take a bigger bite out of the general fund budget than any other state. Michigan keeps people in prison longer than any other state. You and I are paying for it!

And there are problems in the Michigan prisons which we are revealing daily on our email network, thanks to whistle blowers who know that they can expect retaliation. Much of it we also share in our monthly newsletter.

Do you know the name of your State Representative? How about your State Senator? Have you ever contacted either of them? They are not appointed...they are elected to office. If you're a registered voter in the state, they'll listen to you. And if they don't, you should vote for someone else and you should tell them that.

Sign up for our email network. Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter. Then, when you get this disturbing information, dare to do something about it!

For those of us who consider ourselves Christians and responsible American citizens, we have no option.

Complacency is a sin.

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