Thursday, February 14, 2013

Little is much!`

My prayer for HFP support is very simple each day. It's very much like, "Give us this day our daily bread." We don't need much, but do do need enough to handle the major challenges that come our way each day.

So I say a simple prayer each morning before I open our box at the Grand Haven Post Office. Today, good news came from all over the place. It's not big news, but it's good news!

Some dear friends of HFP sent out a feeler...they'd like to donate some stock to HFP, and our accountant must figure out how that can be done.

A friend from out-of-state, an award-winning broadcast journalist, sent us a message...she thinks she may have found some foundation money, and she wants to write a grant for us.

A notification came by email that the employer of one of our supporters would be matching that person's gifts to HFP, and we should be getting a check in April.

A Grand Rapids church took an offering where I had spoken recently...that generous amount from a small crowd arrived today.

HIS MEN, wonderful male chorus from our part of the state, announced that they are giving a concert in a Holland church Sunday evening, and the offering will be for HFP.

Two members of the 100 Club sent their monthly gifts to HFP today.

None of these were major in themselves, but they constitute "our daily bread."

But here's the touching gift. A check for $25.00 arrived from a woman in prison. This isn't a woman we have helped. This isn't one who has been asking for help. This is just a friend. For all we know, an inmate who makes .65 a day. This is a major gift. A gift of love.

Thank you, Ms. D.

Thank you, Lord.

Little is much when God is in it.

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