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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Politics no, justice yes

HFP stays out of politics. Our support comes from a broad spectrum of wonderful people from just about every political persuasion, and we respect all of their opinions.

With that disclaimer comes this information, about a candidate for the Michigan Supreme Court.

I must confess that I usually know very little about the Supreme Court candidates whose names appear on the Michigan ballot. But some months ago a good friend, Professor Keith Findley---co-director of the Wisconsin Innocence Project---called our attention to the fact that a colleague was running for Supreme Court here in Michigan.

Bridget McCormack is a professor at the University of Michigan. But here's the information that caught our attention: She is the founder and co-director of the Michigan Innocence Clinic at the U of M Law School. This is the only Innocence Project in the State of Michigan that handles non-DNA cases, and this was the first exclusively non-DNA innocence clinic in the country. This clinic does a splendid job and has an amazing track record in its short history.

The legal people with whom HFP deals on a regular basis highly recommend Ms. McCormack. It's a rare opportunity, indeed, to place someone with a heart for wrongful convictions in the state's highest court. Please check her credentials. We think you'll be impressed.

Please remember the name, and please tell others.

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