Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lord, listen to your children

I'd like to introduce you to Laura.

Actually, I cannot introduce you in person. She and I have never met face to face. She's in the State of Washington. I'm in the State of Michigan.

But our friendship is a thing of beauty. Far more important than that is her beautiful contribution to HUMANITY FOR ongoing, never-ending contribution.

Laura prays.

This relationship began in April of 2007, when Laura sent an email to me asking for a copy of a devotional booklet that HFP offers to all who ask, inside and outside of bars. Our conversations continued, I sent her a copy of SWEET FREEDOM, and our friendship took off from there.

But back to the valuable contribution of Laura.

In our conversations I learned that Laura could not be a financial supporter of HFP, but she could be a prayer warrior. Others have said they will keep us in their prayers, but here was a person who was making it a mission. Says Laura: "I've always believed in intercessory prayer and that anyone can be a prayer warrior, but perhaps God impressed it upon me more." Indeed.

When I travel on prison missions, I contact Laura.

When a touching story crosses our desk, I contact Laura.

When a prisoner contacts us with critical problems, I make all the necesssary contacts...and on that list of necessary contacts is Laura.

And so, when we have victories (and we get our share of them!), I contact Laura. It's important that she hears the good news, too. It's important that she gets another reminder that prayer works.

That's important for you and me, too.

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