Monday, April 23, 2012

The beat goes on

Well, I tried to take a brief vacation for spring break...but prison issues don't take vacations. So, I took the computer with me, and had our son Matthew check in at the office each day. I'm pleased to report that HFP remained up and running with not even a hiccup.

A mother of one prisoner and a sister of another were in touch with us regularly, as we continued our struggle against the problems of segregation. Prisoners get poor and unfair treatment in the hole, and it's so very counter-productive.

The fiance' of another prisoner is battling the state...her friend is addicted to cocaine, and authorities believe that prison is the appropriate mathod of rehabilitation.

A lifer contacted me to ask if I would be willing to stand at his side as he faces the Parole Board for a regular interview. I have never turned down such a request, and I won't start now. God willing, I'll be there.

Another prisoner contacted us...something that happens quite often. An inmate in the women's facility is not getting appropriate medical care for some health issues that could be serious. It's a common complaint, and usually a valid complaint. We'll be on it.

We received a report from a prisoner in one facility describing a shameful incident involving tasers...a new tool in the hands of Michigan prison guards. We'll be asking our state lawmakers to look into this.

We managed to pair up the friend of a wrongly convicted prisoner with a high-powered criminal defense attorney who spent a couple hours helping these poor people, and charged them not a penny. She was elated.

It's the stuff HFP does, thanks to the support of our many friends. We're needing a lot more help to survive the month, but the reasons we must remain on the front line are obvious. The beat goes on.

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