Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where's the beef?

I just cannot find anyone willing to take on the prison system, and I find that quite amazing. It's not that attorneys are all that busy anymore. Granted, the well established legal eagles have thier clients and their business, but we keep hearing that newcomers in the legal field are having difficulty getting started. Why can't we find one of these young, hungry attorneys to consider some of these cases?

Our paralegal intern, Linda, believes strongly that an attorney could make a good case in a class action suit on behalf of Michigan prisoners seeking appropriate medical care.

Our friend Harry, who is behind bars, is ready to blow the whistle on his facility. He claims to have kept a log of prison situations including rapes, assaults, robberies, drug incidents and other illegal activities. He says he'd be willing to stand up for what's right and expose the guilty staff members and complacent guards who "passively allow these things to happen while they're either sleeping, playing cards, or doing suduku puzzles." He concluded: "There are so many kids being vicitimized here it sickens me."

Another friend, Andre, has been trying to get someone to take action against a corrections employee who abuses prisoners of other races. He said the guy teased and abused a Native American to the point where the prisoner finally snapped and there was a skirmish. Three guesses as to who won and who lost, and the first two don't count. You don't have to believe Andre, but he says "If I didn't lie to the judge, I have no reason to lie now. In my estimation, the officer involved is not worthy of a lie." Andre wants justice for the American Indian prisoner, and doesn't know where to find it.

So where can we go with this stuff? Who will help these guys?

Contact the HFP office.

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