Sunday, January 15, 2012


It will give an added dimension to this story, because on Monday the 9th, I received a call from Dan Armijo's mother. I was in a bad cell, and could hardly understand the crackly and distorted message: My son has been granted a new trial!

Dan was convicted on a CSC charge in Macomb County and sentenced to 2-15 years on November 30, 2010. He came up for parole, but he refused to show remorse and admit that he had committed the crime, so no parole. The Parole Board insisted that he was in denial. And so he served one year beyond his minimum sentence before the state begrudgingly released him. He was still on a tether the last we heard.

But now, in answer to many prayers, Dan's conviction HAS BEEN SET ASIDE, AND A NEW TRIAL HAS BEEN GRANTED.

Proof positive that it does sometimes happen. Once in a while there is wrongful conviction. The Parole Board is going to have to get off this kick that EVERYONE must show remorse and admit guilt, because everyone is simply not guilty.

Our congratulations to Dan and his family, who support HFP and thank us for all of our support.

To quote MLK Jr. on his birthday: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.


Teri vanderberg said...

Great way to start happy for Ursula and many of the "falsely accused" need to hang on to hope that justice will prevail...Let us pray Dan's story will start a wave of new trials,exoneration's and freedom to all the families that have been imprisoned along with there loved we so tirelessly fight to bring "JUSTICE"

William Newmiller said...

I've known about Dan's case for a long time. It's a great shame that our system is so slow to reconsider rushed and ill-conceived convictions. But this recent decision gives hope to many who, like Dan, suffer long difficult days waiting for justice.