Thursday, December 22, 2011

trying to offer holiday cheer

It's not always that easy, trying to cheer up prisoners in the first place. Then add to the situation a series of unpleasant circumstances, and one is hard pressed for words.

We're trying to help Mr. C to file for a medical commutation, because he has terminal cancer. He has less than 6 months to live, and would like to spend his remaining days with his family. Knowing how slow the system plods along, we're trying to make things happen, and meanwhile he struggles with imperfect and impersonal prison medical care.

Says Mr. C:

I'm supposed to have chemotherapy treatments every 21 days but the MDOC keeps interrupting my treatments, and not give me the bone marrow shots that I need. I am already two chemo sessions behind, and the doctor and nurse here are asking how long I'll be taking chemo. It sounds like the MDOC is tired of paying for my chemo session and paying for the two officers to take me to the hospital.

Nice, huh? And then I had the audacity to get on Mr. C's case a little bit because he was tardy in getting all of the documents that I wanted to help put together this application.

Sorry I haven't sent you the application and the letters. My family has been busy making funeral arrangements for my younger sister who died December 12th from lung cancer.

A slap on the hand to me! Patience, Douger, patience. Sheesh.

Thank you very much for your help.

Thanks to all of YOU for your help and support, as we stumble along trying to be a friend and a help to the least of these.

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