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Friday, December 18, 2009

Bah. Humbug!

My friend Mr. S was so excited. After serving 35 years under the now-defunct "Lifer Law," the Parole Board was calling him up for an interview next month! The date was set. I was scheduled to be at his side as his representative.

Mr. S. is now 60 and not in good health, but a lovable man and a model prisoner. He deserved consideration.

He had been arrested and charged for being in the car with a man who was an alleged murderer.

After spending most of his life behind bars, a positive interview now might mean that he could spend his final years as a free man.

Then yesterday he received a form letter from the Parole Board:

The majority of the Parole Board has no interest in taking action at this time. Next interview scheduled: 3/31/2015. No explanation.

Pop went that bubble.

Happy holidays!

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