Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why I hurt, not only for prisoners, but their moms

Brenda was determined to find out, first hand, what's going on with her son.

He's in prison in Michigan's Upper Peninsula...she lives way down near the bottom of the lower peninsula. He's been complaining that he's dying, and she started believing the claims when she heard that he was bleeding, contantly, and that he had lost 45 pounds in 15 days.

She didn't have a car worthy of the trip, and so HFP quietly collected a few bucks so that she could rent a good car and properly insure it for the long trip. Our UP Representative promised to look after her, and provide food and lodging if necesary. We wired the money to her, and she departed from Benton Harbor last Wednesday with our prayers.

No word. Nothing.

Brenda called me this evening and could hardly speak. Here's the story.

Just three hours from the prison she was involved in a traffic accident. Two kids who admitted they were texting ran a red light, and crashed into the driver's side door. Brenda's head bounced on the steering wheel, and the impact caused her to bite down on her tongue causing serious injury. The reason we didn't hear from her: She was in the hospital. She never made it to the prison. Never got to check on her son.

No one ever said life was going to be fair.

But God bless her, Brenda isn't giving up. She's making plans to head north next week. After all, there's her son to worry about.

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