Friday, June 19, 2009

Ending the week on a positive note

-I had lunch today with Ed. A year ago I visited him in prison!
-I'm preparing a statement for the Parole Board. A wrongly convicted friend was suddenly called up for an interview on Monday! I'll be there.
-I opened a file for a woman going to prison for life. Her bunkie, who admits doing wrong, forwarded a message to me from the county jail saying that this person was coerced by authorities and is innocent!
-I sent a note of congratulations. We had been advocating for a prisoner suffering with cancer. He was freed last night!
-I downloaded a foundation resource outline. A university professor promises her grant-writing class will help our agency find grant money when it starts up in August!
-I received a note from an attorney in California who read about us in a newspaper: "Good to know you're still in the battle!"

We didn't meet expenses this week, but you can be reassured that your support makes a difference!



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what a nice humanity blog! its a great way to end the week on a positive note with positive vibes.i hope you have a good weekend and what you do is really great and life changing.

Singapore Conference said...

Seems like you had a productive day and it also shows your love for humanity. Spending time with prisoner is not a everybody's cup of tea for this you need a big heart full of love with mankind.