Friday, June 2, 2017

Sorry, there's no wiping that smile off our face!

Some guy tore us to shreds this week.  The email message was lengthy and bitter, and arrived from a Michigan prisoner who wasn’t pleased with the way we handled an issue.  It’s a simple fact that when we’re dealing with hundreds of people, we’re not going to please them all.

But I must tell you, he’s not wiping the grin off our collective faces at the office of HFP this week!

-For two years we’ve been trying to help Jim find a daughter he hasn’t communicated with in 18 years.  We finally made it happen!
Just wanted to inform you that I got a letter from my daughter today. She was at the address that you provided me with. I was very happy to get the letter. I wanted to thank you for your time and efforts. If there ever is anything I can do for HFP please do not hesitate to ask! 

-For fifteen years we’ve been trying to get help for Ray, who has served 44 years on a wrongful conviction.  We finally got him hooked up with a potential new network TV series!
I had a very, very informative and uplifting conversation with the producer. I was impressed by his candor and honesty. I was thrilled and inspired when he give me insight on the pedigree of the attorneys that would be involved. I am praying that all goes well. This is a very big deal.  I love you more than much!

-We recently joined hands with a group of his friends to support David’s efforts to get into the Calvin Prison Initiative program. 
I'm so blessed.  Just wanted to deliver the good news.  I got accepted into Calvin! Praise God! Please tell our friends. Thank all of you so much.  Can't wait to tell you more. LOVE YOU!

-HFP made the two-hour drive to Jackson to speak at the Public Hearing for Carol, who deserves a parole. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to my public hearing. Please know that I am so very grateful for your presence there and for speaking on my behalf. I felt the holy presence throughout my hearing. It was grueling but I had a peaceful heart. God bless you again!

-Richard’s special friend was recently killed in a hit-run accident.  He asked if HFP would simply relay some of her pictures by email so he could keep them in his pad. 
There is a special place in heaven for people like you. I'm serious! I don't think that you guys realize just how much you help people, and make us feel important and not forgotten. THANK YOU!

We’ve been hoping to raise extra funds in June with the help of matching grants.  May these powerful examples convince our friends that dollars aren’t needed to keep the lights on.  They support dreams!

With your help, and by God’s grace, we’ll keep helping.  And smiling!

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