Friday, May 10, 2013

Our problems vs. Tony's problems

OK, let's pick three topics that rattle through your brain while driving to work in the morning...not terrible problems necessarily, but nagging issues. Under each topic, I'll tell you what I heard from Tony today...a Michigan prisoner who sent me a short note.

1. Your compensation.

I just got paid by the state today. $17.71. Now I can buy some stamps.

2. Kid issues.

My mom wants me to fight for custody of my 13 year old. His mother isn't taking very good care of him. Clothes are dirty and don't fit. My other brother and his wife, who have 5 boys of their own, took some of their money and got him two outfits and a pair of shoes. Now, when he comes over to go to school, he'll change clothes, so he can stop being teased by the other students.

3. Problems with a neighbor.

I just hate these living conditions---8 man cube. They climb over the wall when you go to chow and pry your locker open while the guards are not looking.

You and I have the ability to deal with matters like these, but imagine the helpless feeling of facing these issues while incarcerated. Small issues suddenly mushroom into big problems.

I hate that anyone even has to live this way.

Say a prayer for prisoners today.

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